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Our Case Studies


Q... "How has the weather affected my hair?"

A... "Naturally hair has no option but to take the seasonal change but there are plenty of easy options that can help. A hair professional is the best person to advise you on a home hair care product. The professional knows hair types inside out, and provides options. A great example of this is the many hair treatments on offer – from Brazilian blow-dry for those that really need easier managed hair that needs repair to those that just need a little added shine. In salon treatments for both men and women have that added edge of providing a relaxing environment where your mood adds to the response your hair/scalp will give.

Q... "I’d love to have my hair coloured professionally, but my budget is slim
– what do I do?"

A... "Easy! We can tailor colour to your budget, from adding a few flashes of blonde to enhancing for example pieces of your fringe.
With colour there are always options
to choose from, and a good hairdresser should be able to present these options".

Q... "I’m thinking of colouring my hair at home. It seems easy to do but I’ve not done it before – will it look the same?"

A... "No, please don’t. High street bought ‘box’ colours are not tailored to your own skin tone or condition of the hair. It’s seen too often where people have used the wrong colour. In fact there are different chemicals in home colour and professional colour so really, it’s a no go in our eyes. Hairdressers are educated, usually continually, to be able to make sure they get it right for you".



Our readers are always asking for tips on their hair – here we put the Tikadi team to the test.

Q... "I want to grow my hair but I don’t want it to look uncared for, what do I do?"

A... "Have a regular trim. Every 6 to 8 weeks will ensure that you keep your hair in lovely condition and healthy looking. This is particularly important with hair that is coloured, or highlighted".

Q... "My hair is dry and it’s doesn’t feel good. I don’t want to cut it off so what are my options?"

A... "You can always invest in regular treatments along with a blow dry. We offer excellent Schwarzkopf and Morrocanoil treatments to help supplement lost moisture to help in restoring hair to a good condition".

Q... "I have lots of hair products at home, and most of them aren’t good, where am I going wrong?"

A... "Professional hair care is what you need to look for, firstly is the product ranges you have and use, professional or high street store purchased? Always trust professional to offer the best results. If you do use professional, it could be that the products haven’t been selected correctly. Our team of experts knows you and your hair, and if they don’t know you, will ask the right questions to be sure we get it right for you".






Essex salon group ‘Tikadi’ has scooped the ‘Best Salon Team’ title at the inaugural Essex Salon Awards. The awards were held during a gala event at Orsett Hall in Essex on Sunday 5th November.

The ceremony, which was hosted by comedian and voiceover artist Tom Ward and director of Essex Salon Awards, Kate Jeffery, welcomed 250 hair industry professionals to recognise the successes of a wide...


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